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Handle It Tank [Mauve]

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The summer version of Eva Davenport's classic 'Handle It' merchandise! Now in tanks tops and a new color!

Perfect for wearing with your favorite sneakers & jeans, this tank-top is designed with an important message in mind. Designed by Eva Davenport & Trippylandia the logo on the front is a dreamcatcher (which in native american culture stand for protection against bad dreams and negative thoughts) featuring a sun and moon for equality, lotus for beauty and peace, yin yang for balance, and 3 feathers honor the 3 women in Eva's family that have passed on.

This tank is lightweight and very comfortable (100% cotton). It's unisex and come in sizes {adult S-2XL} Across the back is an inspirational quote .. 'You built to Handle It' lyrics from the 'Letters to Self' EP {Album}

*This tank is a 3/4th crop top, the S, M sizes fit like a long crop top exposing the mid-drift under the belly button and the L, XL, 2XL fit like a short tank top that covers the belly.*

Material: 100% Cotton
Color: Pink

Fit: Relaxed & Unisex

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