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'Letter's To Self' CD

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Own the physical copy of 'Letters To Self' EP by Eva Davenport! Released 8/26/19

An EP of 5 songs + radio versions; which focuses on self-love, growth, and understanding through life's deep rooted ups and downs.

Product Includes CD & CD Pocket.

CD design - Vivid real photo of earth with Album Title and Artist's name scripted at the top and pink flowers photoshopped into the bottom

CD Pocket Design (Front) The title 'Letters To Self' and Artist 'Eva Davenport' are scripted at the top. in the middle Eva is shown in her room (Photo by Afrolia Productions) facing the camera writing in her notebook; intentionally shown is her pet cat Zuko; a flyer with her Disco cover band Booty Vortex, a flyer of her performing her original music & her first solo show at Berklee (hidden behind her head); a drawring of a native woman praying to the stars from her nana's funeral; a photo with her and her mother and her and her aunt (hidden behind her feet); a photo of a tree and its reflection in the water; her record player, bookshelf and E sign.

Photoshopped into the picture is mother earth at the very top hovering over Eva's head to introduce the CD hidden inside; behind the earth is the universe with mountains reaching high up to the top; between photos and below Eva is beautiful wildflowers and greenery.

(Back) featuring the same beautiful background as the front the back of the CD Pocket includes a track lift of the album and list of Thanks to everyone involved!


1. Handle It ft. Red Shaydez

2. High Like This

3. Blaze Up (Interlude)

4. Lesson


6. Blaze Up (radio edit)

Material: CD & Paper CD Pocket
Color: Multi-colored

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